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Our database offers a considerable variety of vehicles available for purchase in the United States. We provide many types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans, ATVs, bikes, and more. With our extensive network of vehicles, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. You can search our database for the specific make, model, year and color car that you desire. If you don’t have an exact vehicle in mind, you can browse through our database to see what catches your eye. With the number and variety of cars we have available, we are confident that we have something for everyone.


The highest bid in the pre-bid round will either be submitted to the live auction or presented to the seller for approval. If you would like to purchase a vehicle you will need to place a pre-bid. The highest pre-bid will not necessarily win the vehicle. It is possible to be outbid in a live auction or for a bid to not meet seller's minimum requirement. You are encouraged to bid the highest that you are willing to pay for the vehicle to minimize the chances of being outbid or having your bid rejected by the seller. If no one outbids you at the live auction and your bid meets the seller’s reserve price, you can potentially win the car for less than your maximum bid. For example, if you bid $7000 and the reserve price is $4000, you will win the car for $4000 if no one else bids against you. We will not disclose your maximum bid in a live auction unless you are outbid.

Please be certain that you are bidding on the correct listing and for the desired amount before confirming your bid since bids cannot be retracted, decreased, or cancelled. If your bid wins at live auction or is accepted by the seller, you will need to submit the full payment or you will forfeit your security deposit. The seller may agree to accept a price that is lower than their reserve, but they are not required to do so.

Buy Now

Certain listings have a “Buy Now” feature. These vehicles can be purchased immediately for the listed price without going through the bidding process. You will still need to pay an auction fee on these types of purchases. After completing your purchase, you will receive email confirmation with an invoice for the purchase. Please be sure about your purchase before choosing “Buy Now” as the sale is binding. If you do not submit full payment, your security deposit will be forfeited.

Inspectionl Report

You can order a professional report and additional pictures for additional fee.




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