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Lot #2194058005 2003 GEO VELOCITY salvage car
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Lot# 2194058005
VIN 1FCMF53S520A03618
Odometer 70 319 miles
11/30/2023 5:00 PM EST
2d. 5h. 23m.
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Salvage Repairable GEO for sale at Auctions

Geo is the brand of small cars made by the General Motors, as a subdivision of Chevrolet cars. It is produced by General Motors in joint ventures with three Japanese auto makers Toyota, Isuzu and Suzuki. Those models were introduced to compete with prevailing trends of the compact cars. Thus it involved in small economy, compact sedan and sub compact model, sports car and SUV cars. Thus, it came up with very few models like Metro, Prizm, Spectrum, Storm and Tracker. Among all, the tracker cars are popular as off road vehicles. It was built by GM/Suzuki joint venture. It was first introduced under Marque GEO and then under Chevrolet and undergoes redesigning and name changed as Chevrolet Equinox. Thus, many of the Geo models were revised and are marketed under Marque Chevrolet. All models were introduced with improved performance and so are known as low cost and fuel economy cars.

The car with great fuel economy features also has great demands in the salvage vehicle market, where damaged repairable GEO cars are available at the rates 50 percent less than the market price.

Various cheap salvage Geo cars are available in the auto auction. Our company is the registered auto broker at many auto auctions, which gives you the chance to select from wide range of cheap wrecked cars for sale. So get register to our company through our website and buy cheap repairable Geo models of your choice from any of the online auto auctions. There are two advantages of buying from here is that you don’t require license and can also get free membership after registering.

The available models of Geo at our websites are Metro, Metro/Sprint, Prizm, storm, Tracker, Tracker (Chev).