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Registration (3)

How do I register?

Registering is a quick and easy process. Simply submit all of the required information on the registration form. After registration, you should receive an activation link in your inbox. Your account will be active once you have verified your email address using the link provided. If you have not received a verification email, please be sure to check your SPAM folder prior to calling customer service.

What are your registration and membership fees?

It’s free! Bid N Drive does not require any registration or membership fees.

Do you need to be a car dealer to buy vehicles from your site?

No, any person or entity can purchase vehicles from Bid N Drive without a car dealer license.

Deposit (6)

Why do I have to make a deposit?

Providing a security deposit is standard for auto auctions and will act as a guarantee for your bid. If full payment for vehicle is not received within seven days of the auction, your security deposit will be forfeited.

How long will it take to get my security deposit back?

You should receive your security deposit within 3-7 business days of your initial request. The request will take one to two business to be approved by the administrator, then another three to five business days to be processed by the merchant.

How much will the security deposit be?

You are required to deposit 10% of your maximum bid, with the minimum deposit being $600. If you are interested in bidding on multiple listings at one time, a separate security deposit will be required for each listing. For example: If you want to bid on two vehicles, you will need to make a minimum deposit of $600 two times, equalling $1200 total. This will allow you to bid on two vehicles up to $6,000 each at the same time.

Can my security deposit count as a partial payment for my vehicle purchase?

No part of your security deposit can be applied toward your vehicle purchase cost. The deposit will be held separately until payment has been made in full and you have received your vehicle. You will then have the option of either requesting that your deposit be returned or using the deposit towards another auction.

How will I get my deposit back ?

You will receive your refund by the same method used to make the security deposit. If a card was used, the refund will be returned to that card. If the deposit was made by domestic or international wire transfer, we will send a wire transfer, minus bank wire transfer fees.

What type of payment do you accept for deposit ?

You can make your deposit using your debit or credit card, by wire transfer to Bank of America business account.

Bidding (11)

How does pre-bidding work?

Once you’ve submitted a bid for your desired vehicle, we’ll submit your bid to the dealer auction on behalf of our company. We recommend that our customers place their maximum bid, as it increases your chances of winning the auction. After the live auction ends, we will provide you with the results within 2-4 hours.For more information on the bidding process, see “How to Buy”.

How I will find out my bid result ?

Once the auction has ended, you’ll receive an email with the status of your bid and the amount the final selling price of the vehicle. You can also view the status of your bid online on your dashboard. This information will be available within 2-4 hours after pre-bidding ends.

Will I win the auction if I have the highest bid during a pre-bidding ?

Having the highest bid does not necessarily mean that you will win the auction. We will submit the highest bid on the vehicle to the dealer’s auction. There is the potential that you will be outbid during the live auction by other interested buyers. Always be sure to place a sensible bid to increase your chance of winning the vehicle.

I am no longer interested in purchasing the vehicle. Is there a way to cancel the “Buy Now” or my bid?

You can cancel your bid if you have been outbid or if the live auction hasn’t started. If you have changed your mind, be sure to contact our sales department as soon as possible to see if the bid can be cancelled. We are unable to cancel a bid once it has been submitted to the seller or the live auction.Please note that once you have confirmed your “Buy Now” purchase, you will not be able to cancel the transaction.

My bid was the same as the winning bid, but I still lost. Why?

We go to great lengths to prevent ties from happening in bidding, but on the rare case they do, it is auction policy to award the virtual bidder rather than the preliminary one.

What is a “Buy Now” listing?

A “Buy Now” listing enables an interested buyer to purchase the vehicle without placing a bid. They can simply agree to pay the fixed advertised price to immediately purchase the vehicle. Auction’s fees and other expenses are not included in the “Buy Now” price.Please note that using the “Buy Now” options does not guarantee that you are buying the vehicle right away. Please wait for a confirmation from Bid N Drive that the vehicle is still for sale at the dealer’s auction. Due to the large inventory of vehicles, changes takes 4-5 hours to update on our database.

Do I still have to pay auction fees if I choose “Buy Now”?

You will still need to pay auction fees when making a “Buy Now” purchase.

I clicked “Buy It now” options but a vehicle wasn’t sold to me. Why?

Using the “Buy Now” options does not guarantee that you are buying the vehicle right away. Please wait for a confirmation from Bid N Drive that the vehicle is still for sale at the dealer’s auction. Due to the large inventory of vehicles, changes takes 4-5 hours to update on our database.

Do you know a seller reserve amount ?

The seller reserve price is hidden from the buyers; however, the highest bidder at the live auction will be provided with the seller’s reserve price for future negotiations.

I received an email notification after bidding ended that I was outbid. Why?

It is possible that a bidder will be outbid during the live auction on the dealer’s site even if they have the highest bid on our site. We bid up to your maximum bid amount during the live auction; however, another authorized party may submit a higher bid at that time. For this reason, you are encouraged to submit the maximum amount that you are willing to spend on a vehicle when bidding.

Can I visit a location to inspect a vehicle before I buy?

All vehicles are located on the dealer's auctions premises and are not available for inspection and purchase for the general public.

Payment (7)

What kinds of payment do you accept?

The only payment we can accept for vehicles is a bank wire transfer. Upon successfully winning an auction or confirming a “Buy Now” purchase, you will receive an emailed invoice that will include detailed instructions about how to complete the wire transfer.Please note that most banks will charge a wire transfer fee. The customer is responsible for all fees associated with the wire transfer. Please be sure to contact your bank regarding any wire transfer fees that may apply and to include these fees in your wire transfer. International customers may be charged additional fees.

How much does it cost to use your services?

$295 for vehicles under $3,000. $395 or 3% for vehicles above $3,000 Documentation and mailing fee is a flat rate of $75 for US clients, $99 for International clients.

How many days I have to pay for my vehicle?

Payment is required by 5pm the following day after the vehicle purchase. We strongly suggest that you make your payment on the same day that the auction or “Buy Now” is completed in order to avoid any penalties or late fees. Please consult your bank prior to bidding about their expected time to process wire transfers to ensure that you will be able to meet this deadline.

What will I be fined if you do not receive the full payment in the required time frame?

Starting the third day after the purchase, you will be fined a late fee of either $50 per day or 2% of the total purchase price (whichever is greater). At this time, we will also ask for a copy of the contact information of the sending bank and/or a copy of the payment confirmation. Please note that if we do not receive either the full payment or the requested documentation within 5 five days after the auction, we may relist the vehicle and you will be responsible for a relisting fee of either $400 or 15% of the purchase price (whichever is greater).

I made a full payment of the cost provided on the invoice. Why am I being asked to pay more?

It is possible that you did not pay the full payment within the allowable window . If this is the case, you are responsible for a late fee of $50 per day or 2% of the purchase price (whichever is greater). Additionally, you may have a previous invoice that is past due. In this case, any new payment made will be first applied to past invoices. If you delayed picking up your purchased vehicle, you may also be required to pay a storage fee of $40 per day after three days.

Why was I charged an additional fee on my vehicle payment?

Most banks have additional fees associated with wire transfers. International customers may be charged fees from intermediary banks, which are in additional to the fees charged by the originating banks. Please be sure to contact your bank regarding any wire transfer fees that may apply.

What extra fees do I need to pay in addition to the winning bid?

Auction fee: This fee depends on the selling price and listing format. You can calculate exact fees on the specific lot’s detail page.Transaction fee: If the vehicle you want to buy is under $2000, our fee is $195. For vehicles over $2000, our fee is $295. If you are buying a vehicle for parts our fees are $145 for vehicles under $2000, and $195 for vehicles over $2000.Documentation fee: This includes domestic mail expenses, title, and paperwork processing - $50.Transportation fee: This applies if you choose to deliver your vehicle to your location. Transportation rates depend on vehicle type and destination. You can check transportation at

Paperwork (7)

What documents will I get after purchasing a vehicle?

Once your vehicle has been paid, you’ll receive a bill of sale and an odometer disclosure to sign electronically online through DocuSign. Once the paperwork has been received from the auction, we reassign it under your name and mail it to the address that was specified. We cannot guarantee that any vehicle purchased through our site will be able to be reconstructed or titled in any specific state or country. Bid N Drive is not responsible for any difficulties in passing inspection and registering your car in your state. Please  get more info about reconstruction process before purchasing any vehicle. Each state has different guidelines for salvage titles.

Where will the documents be sent?

All documentation will be sent to your provided address or to the port agent of the vehicle’s destination.

How long does it take to receive a title?

It typically takes anywhere between 2-3 weeks after a vehicle has been purchased to retrieve the title from the dealer. In some cases, it can be up to 4-5 weeks. The seller has thirty days to provide the title of a car sold at auction.

Why did I receive a different type of title than the one on the vehicle listing?

Bid N Drive cannot guarantee types of titles. An equivalent title type to the one displayed in the online description may be sent instead, though differences are typically minor and have no change in equivalence. Laws and regulations may require our dealers and/or insurance companies to transfer the title to the buyer’s residential state.

What is a ‘Rebuilt Title’?

This means that the vehicle has been rebuilt after being involved in an accident. It also means that it has been passed by road safety officers to operate in the country.

What is a ‘Salvage Title’?

This title applies to vehicles whose repairs following an accident equal up to 75% of the vehicle’s market cost. This certificate also applies to vehicles whose repairs were declared unfeasible by insurance companies.

Can I buy a vehicle with Junk Title, Certificate of Destruction, or Bill of Sale only for further registration in the USA?

No, you can not. Please check your state registration requirements in prior to vehicle purchase.

Vehicle (16)

Do you have an additional information or pictures on a listed vehicle?

All of the information we have about the vehicle or auction is included on the listing page. Bid N Drive is not responsible for information listed at lot’s page. We will not be able to provide any additional information.

What does “auction history found” on the lot’s page mean?

If a vehicle was sold before at a salvage auction, Bid N Drive may be able to provide you with pictures of the vehicle’s condition as it was previously sold. This could help you to avoid purchasing a vehicle with previous major damages.Please note that Bid N Drive can not provide this information if a previously sold vehicle does not have any pictures in the database.

Will the vehicle I purchased come with keys?

Information about key availability can be found on the lot’s description. In most cases, vehicles sold through insurance auctions come with keys; however, keys can be lost during the transportation of the vehicle or while the vehicle is located at the auction lot. For these reasons, we cannot guarantee that your purchased vehicle will come with keys, even if they are pictured in the online listing. Bid N Drive does not responsible for lost or stolen keys. 

How is the cost of a damaged car calculated?

The price varies widely based on the amount and type of damage done to the vehicle. Typically, the greater the vehicle’s damage, the lower the cost will be. It is helpful to know that a vehicle with a salvage title typically costs about 40-50% less than a car with a clean title. Other factors, such as mileage over 100,000, deployed air bags, or engine damage, can lower the price as much as 60%.

What will be included in the overall cost of the vehicle I purchase?

The overall cost of the vehicle will include the cost of the vehicle, auction fees, transaction fees, documentation fees, and transportation fees (if transportation is required).

What does it mean when a listing says “Runs and Drives” or “Vehicle Starts”?

For some specific vehicles, auction personnel will be able to verify the “Run and Drive” condition or “Vehicle Starts” capability at the time the vehicle is checked in for auction. Bid N Drive does not personally verify this information and therefore cannot make any guarantees . The auction personnel typically conducts the verification by starting the vehicle with or without a jump, wire splicing, booster box, etc. The auction site does not guarantee that any particular vehicle will be roadworthy or that it will be able to start without a jump or move under its own power at the time of purchase. We cannot be held responsible for the verification results or related condition of the vehicle.

Are the loose parts pictured on the listing included in the sale?

Because of the potential of loose parts being lost or misplaced while at the auction site or during transit, we cannot guarantee that they will be included with the vehicle purchase, even if they are pictured in the listing.

My vehicle arrived with additional damages that were not visible in the pictures. What can I do?

All vehicles are sold as is. Please be sure to consider the possibility of damages under the hood, to the undercarriage, and/or other areas where damages may not be visible. All known damages to vehicles are listed clearly on the website. Refunds will not be issued for vehicles with unknown damages/damages not visible in pictures. We recommend ordering an inspection from an independent inspector to obtain confirmation of a vehicle’s condition.

How much will it cost to repair a certain vehicle?

We are not able to give an estimate of repair costs for any of our vehicles and we do not oversee repairs. Contact an authorized dealer or salvage yard, or research prices online to get a good idea of how much repairs or spare parts for a specific vehicle would cost.

What is involved in the “Reconstruction” process?

You will need to check the specific requirements and guidelines for your particular state, but generally the reconstruction process is straightforward. You will typically first need to get the vehicle repaired according to your state’s guidelines, which is the “reconstruction” phase. Once the vehicle is repaired, it will need to be inspected. Once it passes inspection, you will need to fill out and submit the required forms to the DMV. Upon DMV approval, you will need to register and insure the vehicle so that it can legally be driven on the roads. More specific instructions can be found on our Reconstruction Info page. Note that any links to information contained on our information page lead to pages that are not monitored or controlled by us. We cannot guarantee that any vehicle purchased through our site will be able to be reconstructed or titled in any specific state or country. Below are links to Department of Motor Vehicles in each state.

Will I be able to register a car purchased through your site in the United States?

You may be able to register a purchased vehicle in the United States, but you will need to check the specific requirements that would apply to your particular vehicle prior to making a purchase.

What does it mean if the odometer reading is “NOT Actual”?

A “Not Actual” odometer reading means that the odometer is not accurate or could not be determined. This could be due to several factores, such as the odometer has been repaired/replaced, the vehicle was stolen and recovered, or other nonapparent reasons. If you have questions or would like further information, you can visit the facility where the vehicle is currently located to inspect it in person or hire an independent inspector to inspect the vehicle.

What does "Mileage: Exempt" mean?

By federal law, vehicles over 10 years old are not required to display mileage or an odometer code. These vehicles are listed as "Mileage: Exempt". The mileage for some salvage vehicles may also be marked as “Exempt” if the conditions which led to the salvage titling prohibited verification of mileage.

Can you provide additional information about the damage sustained to a vehicle?

All information known about vehicle damage is shown on our website, so we do not receive and will not be able to provide any additional information. We recommend ordering an inspection from independent inspector to confirm the state of your vehicle.

What does "Damage History" mean?

When the primary or secondary damage on the vehicle is listed as "Damage History", then past damages have occurred to this vehicle. Bid N Drive will not have additional information about the details of this damage and does not offer any warranty options. We recommend ordering an inspection from independent inspector to confirm the state of your vehicle.

What does "Rejected Repair" mean?

"Rejected Repair" indicates that there is potential proof of previous, lesser quality repairs to the vehicle. All known information regarding the repair history or condition of a vehicle is listed on our website. Bid N Drive does not receive any additional information. We recommend ordering an inspection from independent inspector to confirm the state of your vehicle.

Transportation (9)

Do you offer transportation services?

Yes, we offer a transportation for additional charges. You can calculate your possible transportation cost at

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, we offer international shipping. Please contact us to see if we ship to your particular destination.

May I pick a vehicle I won from an auction?

Yes, you can. We will send pick up instructions once your payment has been received. We recommend that customers confirm payment prior to attempting to pick up a car they have won from an auction, as vehicles will not be released until funds are confirmed and posted.

How many days do I have to pick up my vehicle?

Your vehicle should be picked up within three days of winning the auction. Storage fees of $40 a day will begin to apply on the fourth day.

Do you deliver to residential areas?

We deliver to residential areas as long as trucks are allowed in there area and sufficient space is present for the truck. If this is not the case, we will deliver the vehicle to the closest parking lot. NOTE: if the car not driveable, the customer will be responsible for unloading the vehicle from the delivery truck.

How long does vehicle delivery take?

Domestic transportation typically takes between 3-10 business days for delivery, depending on the vehicle’s original location and final destination.

Will I be notified about when to expect the delivery?

Yes, the driver will contact you with the approximate date and time to expect the delivery. Please make sure that you are available to receive the delivery at the arranged time.

How long will it take for my car to be picked up?

It typically takes between 1-5 days to pick up a vehicle. This depends greatly on the location of the vehicle. We can give you our best estimate, but we cannot guarantee an exact time that we will load and deliver the vehicle.

Why wasn’t the vehicle picked up on the date specified?

We cannot guarantee the exact pick up date of your vehicle because there are a number of factors, including weather conditions, that could potentially delay vehicle pick up. Therefore, all specified dates should be considered as estimates and not exact pick up times.