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How do I register?

Registering is a quick and easy process. Simply submit all of the required information on the registration form. This will complete the registration process, but please note that you will need to submit a copy of your identification, either your passport or driver’s license, after completing your first purchase.

How should I submit the required identification?

You can upload  a copy of a valid photo identification document or a driver’s license or passport  from My Account/Documets. Alternatively, you can email to our customer service department at info@bidndrive.com or fax it the documentation to our office at 404-745-8584.

What is the membership fee?

You will not need to pay a membership fee to join www.bidndrive.com.it's FREE.


Why do I have to pay a deposit?

You will need to pay a deposit to demonstrate that you are seriously interested in purchasing a vehicle.

How much will the security deposit be?

The security deposit will be either $400 or 10% of the potential maximum bid of the vehicle you would like to purchase, whichever is greater. If you are interested in bidding on multiple listings at one time, you will need to make a security deposit for each listing. You will be required to make the deposit before you are permitted to bid on a vehicle.


Can my security deposit count as a partial payment for my vehicle purchase?

No part of your security deposit can be applied toward your vehicle purchase cost. The deposit will be held separately until payment has been made in full and you have received your vehicle. You will then have the option of either requesting that your deposit be returned or using the deposit towards another auction.

Will I get my security deposit back?

Your security deposit will be returned to you upon your request any time prior to making a purchase.  However, if you win an auction but do not complete the purchase for any reason, your security deposit will not be refunded.

How long will it take to get my security deposit back?

Once we approve a refund of your deposit, you will get your security deposit in 3-5 business days.

What kinds of payment do you accept for deposit?

For deposit payment we accept  PayPal, credit card, bank wire transfers or direct deposit to our account.


How can I search for a specific vehicle?

You can enter the vehicle make, model and year in the search menu to look for a specific car.

What if I can’t find the car I’m looking for? Can I make a vehicle request?

If you don’t see the car you want in our database, you can make a request through our car order form. Be sure to fill out exactly which make, model, color, year, and desired options you would like.  We would be happy to find the specific car you are looking for by searching millions of listings in various Canadian and American databases.

If I locate a car I would like to buy, can I send you the information so that your company can handle the purchase and shipment on my behalf?

We can help you from start to finish with the purchase and shipment of the vehicle that you would like to buy. You will need to supply us with the relevant information and also provide a deposit of $400 or 10% of the asking price, whichever is greater. We will then make all necessary arrangements to get the car that you desire.

Can I visit a location to inspect a vehicle before I buy?

All vehicles are located at dealer's auctions premises and are not available for inspection and purchase to the general public.


How does bidding work?

The highest bid in the pre-bid round will either be submitted to the live auction or presented to the seller for approval.

Will I win the auction if I have the highest bid?

Having the highest bid does not necessarily mean that you will win the auction. We will submit the highest bid in the vehicle auction. There is the potential that you will be outbid during the live auction by other interested buyers. Keep in mind that foreign buyers are typically willing to bid higher than American or Canadian buyers because the cost of car repairs is usually much higher in those countries. If the vehicle is being sold by a car dealer, insurance company, bank, individual, or salvage yard instead of a live auction, we will take your bid to the relevant party for approval. Once the seller approves, you will win the car. Always be sure to place a sensible bid to increase the chance of winning the vehicle while decreasing the potential waste of time.

My bid was the highest in the listing and the live auction, why didn’t I win?

Even if your bid is the highest in both the listing and the live auction, if you do not meet the minimum bid requirement of the seller, then you will not win the vehicle.

What is a “Buy Now” listing?

A “Buy Now” listing enables an interested buyer to purchase the vehicle without needing to place a bid. They can simply agree to pay the fixed advertised price to immediately purchase the vehicle.

What does ‘current bid’ mean?

The current bid will be the highest bid at the end of each round of bidding.

What auction fees will I have to pay?

Typical auction fees vary anywhere from $300 to $800, depending on the selling price and listing format. You can find additional information about what kinds of fees you can expect by visiting our auction fees page.

Do I still have to pay auction fees if I choose “Buy Now”?

You will still need to pay auction fees when making a “Buy Now” purchase; however, the fees are usually decreased for these types of purchases.

I am no longer interested in purchasing the vehicle. Is there a way to cancel the “Buy Now” or my bid?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to cancel a bid once it has been submitted to the seller or in the live auction. However, if the auction has not started yet, you may be able to contact us in time to cancel the bid. Once you have changed your mind, be sure to quickly get in touch with our sales department to see if it is still possible to cancel the bid. Please note that once you have confirmed your “Buy Now” purchase, you will not be able to cancel the transaction.

My bid was the same as the winning bid, but I still lost. Why?

We go to great lengths to prevent ties to happen in bidding, but on the rare case they do, it is auction policy to award the virtual bidder rather than the preliminary one. You can help avoid a tie by using the bid increment tool.

How do I know if my bid is the highest once the auction is over?

We automatically notify the person who has the highest active bid at the close of the specified bidding time. We also email bidders if they have been outbid or if their bid is still pending. The customer will be responsible for checking their email or their account on the site to determine the status of their bid(s). If a bid is “pending” it will not be considered in the auction. In order to activate your bid, you will need to pay a security deposit of $400 or 10% of the bid amount, whichever is greater. The highest bid will be submitted at the live auction or presented to the seller for approval.

I received an email notification after bidding ended that I was outbid. Why?

It is possible that a bidder will be outbid at the auction site even if they have the highest bid on our site. We will only bid up to your maximum bid amount at the live auction and another authorized party may submit a higher bid at that time. For this reason, you are encouraged to submit the maximum amount that you are willing to spend on a vehicle when bidding.


What kinds of payment do you accept for purchased vehicle?

The only payment we can accept for vehicles is bank wire transfers. Upon successfully winning an auction or confirming a “Buy Now” purchase, you will receive an emailed invoice that will include detailed instructions about how to complete the wire transfer.

How much are your service fees?

The fee to purchase a vehicle under $2000 is $190, and $295 for vehicles that cost more than $2000. Documents and mailing fee is 50$.

How quickly will I need to pay for my vehicle?

The payment is due by 5 pm PST the next day after the auction. We strongly suggest that you make your payment the same day that the auction or “Buy Now” is completed in order to avoid any penalties or late fees. Please consult your bank prior to bidding about their expected time to process bank transfers to ensure that you will be able to meet this deadline.

What will I be fined if you do not receive the full payment in the required time frame?

Starting the third day after the purchase, you will be fined a late fee of either $50 or 2% of the total purchase price (whichever is greater) if we have not received your payment in full. At this time we will also ask for a copy of the contact information of the sending bank and/or a copy of the payment confirmation. Please note that if we do not receive either the full payment or the requested documentation within five days of the auction ending, we may relist the vehicle and you will be obligated to pay a relisting fee of either $400 or 10% of the purchase price, whichever is greater.

I made a full payment of the cost provided on the invoice. Why am I being asked to pay more?

It is possible that you did not pay the full payment in the two day time period including auction date. If this is the case, you will have to pay a late fee of $500 or 2% of the purchase price (whichever is greater). Also, it may be that you had a previous invoice that was past due. Any new payment made will be first applied to past invoices as they take priority. Also, if you delayed picking up your purchased vehicle for five days, you may be required to pay a storage fee of $25 per day.


Why is the title for my purchased vehicle missing?

It typically takes anywhere from five to ten days after a vehicle has been purchased to retrieve the title from the dealer. A seller has thirty days to provide the title of a car sold at auction. Also, if the car was financed, the bank will retain possession of the title for the seller.

What is a ‘Salvage Title’?

This title applies to vehicles repairs of which following an accident equal up to 75% of the vehicle’s market cost. This certificate also applies to vehicles which repairs were declared unfeasible by insurance companies. You need to pass inspections to receive rebuilt ( or reconstructed) title  and able to drive your car . Please  get more info about reconstruction process before purchasing any vehicle. Each state has different guidelines for salvage titles. Understand the local policies before you buy. Bid N Drive is not responsible for any difficulties in passing inspection  and registering your car in your state.
Note: Any clean title vehicle sold through a salvage auction may potentially be given a salvage title when processed by the DMV.

See  links to Department of Motor Vehicles in each state here.

Can I buy vehicle with Junk Title, Certificate of Destruction for further registration in the USA?

No, you can not.This document means that the vehicle is not authorized to be sold in the United States.Please check your state registration requirements prior to vehicle purchase.

Does the title have to be mailed to the name/address listed on my account or can it be sent to a different one?

It is possible to send the title to a different name/address, but any changes must be requested in advance by phone or email. If no such request is made, the title will be made to the name listed on the account and will be mailed to the address listed on the account. You will also need to make an advance request if you would like us to send the title to your shipping company.

Does the name on the driver’s license need to match the name listed on the account?

Yes, the name on your driver’s license must absolutely match the name listed on your account. DMV regulations prohibit us from issuing titles to those whose names do not match. Please note that if the title is to be issued to a company, you will need to send us a letter on company letterhead that states that the person who purchased the vehicle is either the owner or an authorized employee of the company.

Will the title for the vehicle I purchased be put in my name or my company’s name?

All titles of purchased vehicles are automatically reassigned to the name on the associated account unless previous arrangements have been made with customer service. If you would rather the title be put in your company’s name, please call our representatives in advance. Otherwise, we will be able to correct the name on the reassigned title for an $85 Documentation fee. Please note that not all changes are allowed according to DMV regulations and further DMV fees may apply if the title will need to be re-issued.

How long will it take to receive the title?

There are many factors involved in the delivery time of the title. These include the length of time it takes an auction to submit a title, the number of titles that we are currently processing, DMV delays, and other factors. Therefore, we are not able to provide an expected time your title will be delivered. Please take these potential delays into consideration when planning for shipping or title transfers. Also note that all titles are processed in the order in which they are received.

Why is the title I received a different type than the one listed in the description?

As mentioned in the Purchase Order Agreement, we do not guarantee title types. Therefore, the purchaser may receive a title that is different but equivalent to the one mentioned in the online description. Any differences in title will be minor and inconsequential. One example is that a title may say “Colorado Salvage Title” in the listing and “Nevada Salvage Title” when you receive it. This could be due to dealers and or/insurance companies complying with regional regulations or laws that may require them to transfer the title to the specific state. It will not affect the validity of the title.

What does it mean if a vehicle has a ‘reconstructed (rebuilt) title’ ?

If a vehicle has a reconstructed (rebuilt) title, it means that it was previously salvaged by an insurance company following an accident and has since been ‘reconstructed’. This means that the vehicle has been repaired and inspected by an authorized mechanic and  Once the DMV certifies the vehicle as being reconstructed to the specifications of the manufacturer, they will issue a ‘reconstructed’ title for the vehicle, which is considered the same as a ‘clean’ title for insurance and registration purposes. Please check with your local DMV regarding the specific title of the vehicle that you are interested in. Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that all title denominations can be reconstructed in all states or countries.

See  links to Department of Motor Vehicles in each state here.


​Can you tell me how the damage occurred on a particular vehicle, how long the vehicle has been damaged or if any repairs have previously been done?

We will not be able to answer these particular questions since we do not receive damage reports, vehicle histories, or full descriptions for the listed vehicles. Some information regarding these types of questions may be found in the vehicle description section for each online listing. We provide all information given to us regarding a vehicle’s condition. Please remember that every vehicle is sold “as-is”.


How is the cost of a damaged car calculated?

Generally, auctions that sell damage cards do not provide information about these types of cars that they have sold. That makes it difficult to estimate what a damaged car will sell for. The price varies widely based on the amount and type of damage done to the vehicle. Obviously, the greater the damage, the lower the cost will be. It is helpful to know that a vehicle with a salvage title typically costs about 30% less than a car with a clean title. Other factors, such as mileage over 100,000, deployed air bags, or engine damage, can lower the price as much as 40%.

When the listing gives a “Estimated Retail Value (ACV )”, is this figure exact?

When a listing provides an actual value for a car, it is generally the suggested selling price of the dealer, which tends to be higher than the actual value. We encourage you to use actual auction sales statistics to determine the value of a particular vehicle up for auction.

Are the listed costs of repairs accurate?

This should be considered as a close estimate. Note that the repairs should be done by an authorized dealer, and their prices generally start at US $100-150.

Are water damaged or flood damaged vehicles a good deal?

There’s no clear answer to this question since every water/flood damaged vehicle is different. Each one will need varying repairs, and it is very possible that the cost of repairs will go beyond the value of the vehicle. The cost will depend on the extent of the damage, including factors like whether the engine was penetrated or not, the flooding level, what type of water was involved, and whether the engine seized up as a result of the flooding. These types of cars are more likely to be profitable when they are sold for parts.

Will you be able to provide any spare parts for the vehicle I purchase?

Yes, we will be able to offer you our extensive collection of spare parts that you may use for your vehicle.

What will be included in the overall cost of the vehicle I purchase?

The overall cost will include the cost of the car, auction fees, delivery fees to transport your vehicle to the warehouse and to the shipping port, a service fee, any applicable mail fees.

What other information can you give me about a listing?

All of the information we have about the vehicle or auction is included on the listing page. We will not be able to provide any additional information, except in some cases when you are able to provide a VIN number for the listed vehicle to us.

Will I be able to register a car purchased through your site in the United States?

You may be able to register a purchased vehicle in the United States, but you will need to check the specific requirements that would apply to your particular vehicle prior to making a purchase.

Will the vehicle I purchased come with keys?

When vehicles are sold through insurance auctions in most cases they come with keys. Keys can also be lost during the transportation of the vehicle or while it is located at the auction lot. For these reasons, we cannot guarantee that your purchased vehicle will come with keys, even if they are pictured in the online listing.

How can I get keys if they don’t come with the vehicle?

If you need to obtain keys for your purchased vehicle, one option is to call an authorized dealer to see if they can make a key based on the VIN number. 

Will the vehicle start?

We will not be able to guarantee that any particular vehicle will start since we do not have access to most of the vehicles listed on the site to inspect or test. We do provide any information we receive regarding the running condition of the vehicle in the vehicle description section of the online listing.

What does it mean when a listing says: Auction Verification – Runs and Drives, or Engine Start?

For some specific vehicles, auction personnel will be able to verify the Run and Drive condition or Engine Start capability at the time the vehicle is checked in for auction. In such cases, we will communicate this information to potential buyers, although we do not personally verify this information and therefore cannot make any guarantees . The auction personnel typically conduct the verification by starting a vehicle with or without a jump, wire splicing, booster box, etc. The auction site does not guarantee that any particular vehicle will be roadworthy or that it will be able to start without a jump or move under its own power at the time of purchase. Although we communicate any Auction Verification information given to us, we cannot be held responsible for the verification results or related condition of the vehicle.

Are the loose parts pictured on the listing included in the sale?

Because of the potential of loose parts being lost or misplaced while at the auction site or during transit, we cannot guarantee that tey will be included with a vehicle purchase, even if they are pictured in the listing.

The listing does not include a damage report. How will I know what damages are on a specific vehicle?

If a listing does not include a damage report, brief descriptions of any damages are typically included in the vehicle description of each listing. Every listing includes all available information we have concerning damages of the specific vehicle, but these may not be full descriptions.

The car I purchased has additional damages, latent defects and/or undercarriage issues that were not visible in the pictures on the listing. What can I do?

All vehicles are sold on the site “as-is”. Since we do not guarantee the condition of any of listed vehicles, you cannot return the vehicle or receive any compensation for damages you were unaware of. Please be aware that any salvage vehicle has the potential to have latent defects that cannot be seen in photographs. Since we are not provided damage reports or full vehicle descriptions, we are likely not aware of any such defects. We do communicate all available information regarding the vehicle’s condition in the online listing. Vehicles may have also been repaired in the past, but we are unable to verify any repairs or the quality thereof. Please keep this in mind when considering the purchase of a vehicle.

Once I retrieved my vehicle from the shipping company, there was additional damage that I did not see in the pictures in the online listing. What can I do?

Please ensure that you are in possession of a completed Bill of Landing/Damage Report prior to remitting payment to the driver. It is required that any and all damages that the vehicle incurred prior to its transportation must be included in the Damage Report. You should not proceed with the claim unless you are certain that any additional damage (beyond what is listed in the Damage Report) has been inflicted on the vehicle in the transportation process. The following documents are necessary to successfully make a claim: completed Bill of Landing/Damage Record that is signed by you, the driver, and the auction representative, a detailed written description of the additional damage in question, and pictures of the vehicle taken at the same angle as displayed on the website at the time of purchase. If Bid N Drive Inc determines that the vehicle was damaged during the transportation process, you will receive the necessary contact information for our insurance agent in order to settle your claim. Any restitution will be received directly from the insurance company.

How much will it cost to repair a certain vehicle?

We are not able to give an estimate of repair costs for any of our vehicles and we do not oversee repairs. Contact an authorized dealer or salvage yard, or research prices online to get a good idea of how much repairs or spare parts for a specific vehicle would cost.

What is involved in the Reconstruction process?

You will need to check the specific requirements and guidelines for your particular state, but generally the reconstruction process is straightforward. You will typically first need to get the vehicle repaired according to your state’s guidelines, which is the “reconstruction” phase. Once the vehicle is repaired, it will need to be inspected and then you will need to fill out and submit the required forms to the DMV. Once it is approved by the DMV, you will need to register and insure the vehicle so that it can legally be driven on the roads. More specific instructions can be found on our Reconstruction Info page. Note that any links to information contained on our information page lead to pages that are not monitored or controlled by us. We cannot guarantee that any vehicle purchased through our site will be able to be reconstructed or titled in any specific state or country.

Below are links to Department of Motor Vehicles in each state.


How accurate is the shipping calculator?

The shipping calculator should only be used to estimate shipping. To get an exact cost, please contact us at + 1(888)503-03-83.

Do you deliver to residential areas?

We do deliver to residential areas as long as there is enough space for the truck and trucks are not prohibited. If this is not the case, we will deliver the vehicle to the closest parking lot.

How long does it take to deliver the vehicle?

It typically takes between three to ten days to deliver a vehicle, depending on its original location and its ultimate destination.

Will you notify me about when to expect the delivery?

Yes, the driver will contact you with the approximate date and time to expect the delivery. Please make sure that you are available to receive the delivery at the arranged time.

What if I am not able to be there when the vehicle is delivered?

If you cannot meet our truck when your vehicle is ready to be delivered, it will be stored either on the carrier’s truck or in a warehouse until you retrieve it. Please note that you may incur additional transportation or storage fees in this case.

How long will it take for you to pick up my car?

It typically takes between one and five days to pick up a vehicle. This depends greatly on the location of the vehicle. We can give you our best estimate, but we cannot guarantee an exact time that we will load and deliver the vehicle.

Can you pick up my vehicle today so I don’t have to pay a storage charge?

We will make an effort to pick up your vehicle as soon as we can, but cannot guarantee that we will be able to pick up a vehicle on an exact day.

Why wasn’t the vehicle picked up on the date specified?

We cannot guarantee the exact pick up date of your vehicle because there are a number of factors, including weather conditions, that could potentially delay vehicle pick up. Therefore, all specified dates should be considered as estimates and not exact pick up times.

When can I come pick up the vehicle I purchased?

You will receive notice from us when your vehicle is ready for pick up. Once you have received notification, please contact us to arrange a time for pick up. Do not attempt to pick up your vehicle prior to receiving official notice from us. Please remember that we will not be able to release your vehicle unless your invoice has been paid in full and we have your complete approved paperwork.

What will I need in order to pick up the vehicle?

You will need to make sure that the invoice is paid and that you have the original paperwork. It is also your responsibility to ensure that your paperwork has been received and approved by us before coming to retrieve the vehicle. If these prerequisites are not met, we will not be able to release the car to either you or the shipping company.

Will I be able to drive a salvage vehicle home?

No, it’s not legal to drive a salvage vehicle on the road until it is repaired. The vehicle will need to be towed to your desired location. Check your specific state guidelines to see what is required to “reconstruct” your vehicle. Once you have successfully reconstructed your vehicle, you will need to register and insure it before you can legally drive it on the road. 

See  links to Department of Motor Vehicles in each state here.