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Salvage Title meaning

Most vehicles sold at insurance auto auction have a salvage title. A Salvage Certificate of Title is issued to a vehicle that was stolen, wrecked, destroyed, water damaged or otherwise damaged to the extent that the owner, leasing company, financial institution or insurance company considers it to be uneconomical to repair. Before being allowed to drive salvage vehicle you need to pass inspection and get rebuilt (reconstructed) title.

How to get a rebuilt title?
You will need to check the specific requirements and guidelines for your particular state, but generally the reconstruction process is straightforward. You will typically first need to get the vehicle repaired according to your state’s guidelines, which is the “reconstruction” phase. Once the vehicle is repaired, it will need to be inspected and then you will need to fill out and submit the required forms to the DMV. Once it is approved by the DMV, you will need to register and insure the vehicle so that it can legally be driven on the roads. More specific instructions can be found on our Reconstruction Info page. Note that any links to information contained on our information page lead to pages that are not monitored or controlled by us. We cannot guarantee that any vehicle purchased through our site will be able to be reconstructed or titled in any specific state or country.Bid N Drive is not responsible for any difficulties in passing inspection and registering your car in your state.Please  get more info about reconstruction process before purchasing any vehicle. Each state has different guidelines for salvage titles.

Note: Even clean title vehicle sold through a salvage auction may potentially be given a salvage title when processed by the DMV.

Below are links to Department of Motor Vehicles in each state. All information is provided AS IS.