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Salvage auctions fees calculator

Final Price Estimator
Winning bid
Auction fees
Transaction fees
Documentation fee

You can calculate the total expenses* for purchasing any specific vehicle by using the calculator below:

  • Winning bid - The price at which a vehicle was sold.
  • Auction fees - Fees charged by auctions will vary by auction and amount of winning bid.
  • Transaction fees:
    • $295 for vehicles under $3,000
    • $395 for vehicles in the range from $3,001 to $13,150
    • 3% for vehicles over $13,151
  • Documentation fees - Documentation fees cover processing and postage expenses.
  • Transportation fees - Transportation cost will vary based on location and type of vehicle.

Important : Georgia residents must pay sales tax based on GA TAVT calculator.

*Any additional repair and labor are not included.